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    Borgo Conventi will host 3 meetings:

    Friday 26 May – Yoga and physiological breathing with Leonilda Candotti

    Prāṇa: the strength of the breath, a viniyoga practice of reconnection to one’s own vital breath. Breathing is a simple act taken for granted, yet fundamental. The proposed practice intends to reconnect us to our breathing, re-establishing its natural and physiological dynamics, an indispensable requirement for “feeling well” and for exploring the most advanced bodily and respiratory techniques of yoga.

    Friday 9 June – Stretching of the lunar meridians with Lucia Cal

    Yin and Yang are the two principles that maintain the natural order of the Tao: yin is the feminine principle, passive and obscure, which indicates the density of matter and is identified with the moon; yang the masculine principle, active and luminous, identified with the sun. Through the practice of stretching the lunar meridians, a series of energy and meditative exercises, we will rebalance the most Yin components of our body.

    Friday 30 June – Ceremony of the full moon and the rejuvenation of the Toltec tradition with Rodolfo Carone and Francesca Tuzzi.

    The full moon ceremony is for rejuvenation or seeding dreams. We will explain the theory that originates in the ancient teachings of the Mexica tradition, before introducing the actual work, in which specific breathing will be performed to enter a deep meditation.

    Each activity includes an aperitif prepared in collaboration with Alessia Beltrame.
    For all activities, the following are required: comfortable clothing, in layers, socks, mat, beach towel/blanket, any cushions (for those who want to settle down on the floor, otherwise chairs will be used).

    Event by reservation

    Timetable: At 19:00

    Price per person: 20€ single meeting

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